Motherhood and Finding Time to do it all.

       I can say for myself, I can’t seem to find enough time during the day to get everything it is I need done; with that being said, that leaves NO time to myself. I own a dozen planners to attempt to keep me organized, I am constantly caring for two kids whom I homeschool, meal planning, financial management, three meals a day, trying to make a little money online as a side hustle…. yeah, you get the idea. I’m sure it’s like that for so many of you amazing mothers out there. We carry a much larger burden than most men, but I would like to think it’s more so a blessing. Why in the HECK would I call it a “blessing?” Us women are geniuses! We can handle and do so much, and yet nurture, love, care for, and on top of all that…. we’re smart.

So back to the whole how do I find my sanity when I have NO time to do everything, and NO time for myself. Sadly I have to admit, I find myself waking up at 3am or 4am just to have some time to myself to get chores out of the way, to write, read, drink coffee in peace and quiet, exercise, and shower. Sleep is crucial for optimal health, and sadly not many of us is getting enough! As mothers we need to take care of ourselves, not only for our sanity and health, but if we care for ourselves we then become much better equipped to care for others.

So perhaps getting a good thick notebook (and stickers, I love stickers) or a planner, and planning our time would be a much wiser solution to our Mommy Do It All lifestyle. What do you think? It really all depends on you and your biology as to how much sleep you should be getting. The rule of thumb is generally eight hours. I know it’s not always plausible for many women due to life, work, and so on, but if we could all work together and be in bed by 9p.m., and then wake up at 4:30a.m., we’re looking at eight in a half hours of sleep, making for a much more productive lifestyle.