You Should Totally be Talking to Yourself

So I’m sure by now you’ve heard about quantum physics. Now, I know what you’re already thinking; quantum physics consists of some scatterbrained scientist with crazy hair rambling about the big bang, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is so much more to quantum physics that it would be impossible to cover it all here. What we are going to talk about, however, is how quantum physics applies to our health; more specifically, our cells. 

            So why am I advising you to talk to yourself? As we know, quantum physics have has proven that all living things transmit and receive energy of which is measurable. Our thoughts are balls of electromagnetic energy that has proven our consciousness to move beyond physical boundaries just like energy. So what does this mean? This means that science has in fact proven that the Law of Attraction is real. 

            Our thoughts not only transmit measurable energy into the world of which we live in, but it very much alters our DNA and cells. We know that what we put in our bodies determines what we will get out of them. With that being said, it’s not just about what we eat or how we move, but how we talk to ourselves. If there’s one fearmongering  term that I despise in western medicine, it would have to be “predisposition.” Let’s face it, we are all predisposed to something. DNA can be turned off just as easily as it can be turned on. Aside from congenital deformities, the majority of diseases and disorders we see in our society are man-made. 

            With the use of fMRIs, we are now able to see neural mechanisms of self-affirmation or self-talk. Imaging now shows us, a clear increase in activity in the brain’s self-processing systems (Cascio, O’Donnell, Tinnney, Lieberman, Taylor, Strecher, & Falk, 2015). In short, it’s been made clear that our thoughts can change more than just our mood but our physiology also. 

            Exactly how do our cells change with our thoughts? Let’s talk dirty… well, by dirty I mean cellular biology. When looking at a cell, we know that there are beyond thousands of receptors in our cells that make us who we are. These thousands and thousands of receptors are peptide or protein specific. So for example, when you’re angry, happy, nervous, or crying your guts out, these emotions will release its own specific neuropeptides. When these neuropeptides are released they are quickly dispersed throughout the entire body in order to connect with the receptors in your cells, which in turn will change the structure of each and every cell. So let’s make this even more interesting; when those cells divide, the new cell that is made will have even more of the receptors that match with the neuropeptides that were released… all based on a given thought and/or emotion. The power of thoughts is immense to our health and well-being. 

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