Ketogenesis and why it’s Biologically Correct with the Human Body

When you eat sugar, you’re creating a pancreatic response to produce and disperse insulin. The hormone insulin is a hormone that I do NOT like. Constant outputs of insulin not only causes diabetes, but because it’s a hormone, it will eventually disrupt other hormones. Sugar slowly destroys the functioning of the endocrine system. Our endocrine system is a group of glands that produce hormones crucial for the functioning of our bodies (it’s even responsible for the pumping of our heart).The biggest players in the endocrine system consist of seven glands. Reproductive glands (ovaries and testes), thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, pituitary gland, pancreas, adrenal glands, and the hypothalamus. All of these glands are negatively impacted by sugar!

Ketogenesis is the beautiful occurrence of biochemical processes, creating ketone bodies through the break down of fat, and also creating ketogenic amino acids. Here’s the most amazing part; the ketogenic amino acids are made (acetyl-CoA) from the ketone bodies (so yes, you have to be in ketosis) and this is what your body will run off of. You body’s fuel is now acetyl-CoA (ketone bodies aka FAT). Let me contrast this for you; the majority of people on the poisonous typical American “I follow the food pyramid diet,” runs off of glucogenic amino acids which breaks down and converts into sugar (glucose). So many people are working so hard against their bodies. The average person is fueling themselves with sugar; with that being said, how do you lose weight? Well let us forget about weight and lets pretend we don’t care about how big we are, let us look at how sugar causes disease.

So how does sugar disrupt and disease our endocrine system? It begins with the pancreas, and eating too much sugar will lead to insulin resistance. So what happens to the other glands when the pancreas craps out because you’ve killed it? Well, all of the other endocrine glands have to work extra hard in order to make up for the lack of pancreatic function. Our bodies are beautiful in this way; our bodies always try to find a way to function even when part of it dies or becomes diseased. Your adrenal glands begin to go crazy when you eat a diet of sugar. When you consume sugar, your insulin spikes, but because it’s an empty non-nourishing food, your insulin will plummet causing hypoglycemia, thus leading to the need for more sugar. It is a vicious cycle. What’s actually the scariest part is when patients go to their doctors for hypoglycemia, doctors will actually advise that you keep sugar and candy on hand when this happens. Hmm… alternative motives these doctors have perhaps? But back to why sugar is NOT biologically correct with our bodies. So now the poor pancreas is experiencing a lot of stress. Because of the high spikes in sugar and insulin, and the low dropping of the sugar and insulin, your adrenal glands have to work in overdrive to produce cortisol (stress hormone) so that it can try to find a way to make more glucose to bring your sugar levels back up. Through time the adrenal glands become too overworked leading to Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue results from the glands being far overtaxed leading to the glands producing too little or too much of cortisol at the wrong times (stress kills). So what do you think happens when your pancreas and adrenals are no longer functioning as it’s supposed to? The thyroid then has to go into overdrive to make up for what the body is now lacking, thanks to your diet and our “health” system. So your thyroid that is now working to compensate for your adrenals and pancreas, becomes far too taxed and then you develop Hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism as it’s no surprise is caused by the lack of control of blood glucose, and the very desperate need for insulin that your pancreas is no longer producing. Hyperthyroidism causes severe cardiac disease over a long period of time. What about the little guys, the parathyroids? Well now through the chain of sugar disease, we have now developed hyperparathyroidism. Hyperparathyroidism is caused by poor insulin levels and excess blood glucose. Parathyroids are responsible for dispersing a hormone called the parathyroid hormone (PTH), that is responsible for bone health and bone remodeling. This PTH hormone is crucial for the maintenance, rebuilding, and the disbursement of calcium to the bones. So now that the parathyroids have been worked to death, we begin to develop diseases of the bones. When we develop insulin resistance, women can become infertile. Insulin resistance also causes PCOS in women (aka polycystic ovarian syndrome) which creates a severe hormone imbalance of excess androgens… you know, the ones that make you grow facial hair, have horrible acne, and painful menstrual cycles if any? Androgens is a male hormone that when out of balance wreaks havoc on women. Excess sugar as we know greatly taxes the adrenal glands which in turn is responsible for the excess production of testosterone and estrogen in women. So when the adrenals are overtaxed, it equates to lower testosterone in men, and lower estrogen in women leading to excess androgens in women, and higher estrogen levels in men. The pituitary gland is responsible for making the hormones adrenalcorticotropic that stimulates the adrenals to produce steroid hormones such as cortisol. It is also responsible for the production of the human growth hormone (HGH) which controls metabolism and growth.  Excess consumption of sugar craps out the adrenals which in turn slows down greatly or almost shuts off the pituitary gland leading to hypothyroidism. The hypothyroidism will halt or slow the response of insulin when the blood sugars are elevated in our blood. This leaves us with the hypothalamus; the hypothalamus is responsible for our very basic physiological functions such as regulation of temperature, sex drive, mood, sleep, and hunger. Because many people are on this sugar rollercoaster (high levels of sugar and low levels of sugar), the hormone that the hypothalamus produces called ghrelin, will release due to low blood glucose levels leading to being hungry again for more sugar… it’s just a very diseased and vicious cycle. Sugar is a disease and NOT biologically correct with the human body.

Biologically, we are not even meant to eat large amounts of fruit. WHAT! But… fruit has soooooo many good vitamins. Looking back thousands and thousands of years ago, our ancestors were only able to eat fruit when they were in season. They did NOT consume large amounts of fruit all of the time. Fruit contains large amounts of fructose (sugar). Fructose is only metabolized through the liver so when we consume large amounts of fructose, it creates waste in the liver called uric acid. Hypertension and gout is a result of high levels of uric waste in the liver.

       WOW. This whole sugar being dangerous and not biologically correct just keeps going and going and going….

      Okay so sugar kills our endocrine system leading to a laundry list of diseases, sugar causes obesity, sugar damages all of our organs… what else have I left out. Ah Ha! Let’s discuss FUNGUS and YEAST! Sugar feeds yeast and fungus leading to a severe overgrowth of fungus and Candida Albicans. So what happens when you consume tons of sugar and carbs (carbs not from veggies)? It feeds the fungus and yeast in your gut thus creating a myriad of digestive issues. Please keep in mind that our gut is crucial for serotonin production and our mental health, and holds our enteric nervous system (our second brain). Our gut is what allows us to absorb our nutrients and without the proper functioning of the gut, we become nutrient deficient. Oh did I forget to mention that our gut houses 70-80% of our immune system? Now back to the adrenal glands in relation to our gut; when our blood glucose levels drop, the adrenals produce excessive amounts of cortisol. Cortisol inhibits the production of hydrochloric acid in our GI tract. Hydrochloric acid is essential as it’s needed in the stomach to break down food, so without it we create even more digestive issues. So from everything that we have already discussed, the lining of the gut is now very weak. This will lead to leaky gut (holes in the lining of your gut). So when we eat bad things such as wheat or genetically modified foods containing Glyphosate (roundup), it passes through the holes in the lining of our gut, and it is then released throughout our bodies and is transported throughout our blood stream. At this point, the body recognizes these chemicals as foreign and generates antibodies to attack it and to get rid of it…. and you guessed it! This leads to a HOST of autoimmune diseases.

Did you think I was done? Not quite yet. Sugar also causes severe mineral depletion. Our bodies need the minerals to metabolize sugar. So the result is that we become mineral deficient, and the other parts of our body that depends on these minerals to function properly, begin to go without and suffer. Without minerals we cannot produce enzymes in the gut to break down our foods which in turn leads to leaky gut. Sugar is a dangerous vicious cycle that affects and damages all parts of our body as it disrupts our stable equilibrium (homeostasis).

Cancer is caused by sugar! The scientist, Otto Warburg, proved back in 1923 that cancer needs to consume glucose to mutate genes and to become the deadly disease that kills millions ever year. Strange that cancer is a trillion dollar business isn’t it? I’ll go into that in a another post, but back to why Keto is biologically correct with the human body. So aside from every disease known to mankind, Ketogenesis diminishes the ability for cancer cell growth, it aids in weight loss, it gives you energy that you never thought you could have, reduces and eliminates seizures, improves heart health, and it fuels the brain leading to better brain function. It also heals the body, and creates a homeostasis within our bodies. When we fuel our bodies with fat we function in optimal health. Biochemically we need to be in a state of ketosis as mentioned above.

Please keep in mind eating just meat and veggies doesn’t make you completely healthy although it’ll help. You have to use quality grass fed organic meats, and organic veggies. Just because it’s low in sugar and carbs doesn’t make it healthy! You must count the chemicals, and for the sake of all humanity, do NOT use artificial dangerous sweeteners!


Tetanus Shot and Why You Shouldn’t Get It


Tetanus is an anaerobic bacteria which merely means that it cannot survive in oxygenated environments. So if you had a wound, an opened wound that was bleeding, you wouldn’t have to worry about tetanus. Rust has nothing to do with tetanus; with that being said, if you were to get cut on something that was metal, whether it was rusty or not, it doesn’t automatically mean tetanus bacteria is on the metal. Tetanus can be found in manure or dirt. It is doubtful that you will discover tetanus on a clean knife, razor, or even a nail. Also, if there was a deep puncture wound that didn’t bleed, caused by an object that knowingly had tetanus bacteria on it, you literally can NOT vaccinate against a bacteria infection AFTER the exposure to the tetanus bacteria. It would take weeks for your body to produce enough antibodies to begin to build somewhat of an immunity. The vaccine theory makes no sense considering a vaccine would NOT be an instant tetanus killer.

It takes two weeks for the body to peak its antibodies in response to something like this, and weeks more to continue to build antibodies and memory B cells. Let’s consider tetanus as an honest concern for a moment. For right now, pretend that tetanus exposure is as dangerous as the CDC and WHO excites it up to be. As previously explained, the ONLY thing that would help aside from allowing the wound itself to bleed (remember how tetanus can’t survive in oxygen), and cleaning the wound with soap and water, we could then apply hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, or some other form of oxygenated healing therapy. But if none of what I just said were plausible, then the concern would be so grand that it would demand an anti-toxin NOT a vaccine. There is no one right “tetanus vaccine” on the market. Emergency room protocol would consist of the Tetanus Immune Globulin or the TiG Shot, antibiotics, and of course a DTaP or a TD vaccination. Everything is wrong in that situation except for the antibiotics and depending on the doctor, an anticonvulsant for the muscle spasms that tetanus produces as it works on your CNS. The issue with the TiG shot is the fact that it only works on localized tetanus and NOT generalized tetanus otherwise at first glance an anti-toxin doesn’t seem so bad. The form of Generalized tetanus, results from the bacteria reaching and being disbursed throughout one’s central nervous system. Localized tetanus consists of only the wound and surrounding area.
The TiG is considered an anti-toxin, which at first glance seems okay considering that it does grant passive immunity short-term, thus resulting in a reduction of symptom; so in theory, it should be okay right? I cannot fully draw a conclusion as the name brand “BayTet” does not provide an ingredient list of what goes into the TiG shot (if you get your hands on it, contact me). Considering that it takes weeks for the body to build antibodies and memory cells to such bacteria, why would anything be useful to inject via the muscle? Here are some statistics straight from the horse’s mouth. According to the CDC, 660,515.5 times more people per year die from Tetanus vaccines than from tetanus toxoid poisoning. So let me put it to you this way; you are 660,515.15 times more likely to die from the vaccine than you are tetanus. According to the CDC, out of the 233 people from 2001 to 2008 who contracted the tetanus bacteria only 26 of those people died from the bacteria. That averages four deaths from tetanus per year; the average deaths per year from the vaccine is an astounding 2,642,062.7! This isn’t hard to figure out in regards to what is more dangerous. So I am easily able to conclude that it is safer to contract tetanus then it is to be vaccinated. Located below I have inserted screenshots of the CDC’s results as shown below. As always, do your own research, question everythong, and make the best decisions possible for yourself and loved ones.




Disclaimer:The CDC requires me to inform my readers and clients that the information used is strictly for health reporting and analysis only.  In no way have I or will I try to identify participants listed in the data. 



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. Compressed Mortality File 1999-2016 on CDC WONDER Online Database, released December 2017. Data are from the Compressed Mortality File 1999-2016 Series 20 No. 2V, 2017, as compiled from data provided by the 57 vital statistics jurisdictions through the Vital Statistics Cooperative Program. Accessed at on Jan 20, 2018 10:28:25 PM


Tetanus Surveillance–United States, 2001-2008, 04-01-2011, 60(12);365-369.

Retrieved From:




What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diets come with amazing health benefits. When an individual reaches a state of Ketosis, it shifts their metabolism from running off of glucose/sugar to running off of fat. Biologically, we are meant to metabolize fat and not sugar. Biochemistry and basic physiology breaks down the explanation of how ketosis happens within the human species, and evolutionary biology tells us why being in a constant state of ketosis was chosen as a prominent metabolic means for the human species. Ketosis is consuming very low to no carbs (not counting the carbohydrates in vegetables), a small portion of meat, and lots and lots of healthy fats. Whenever I see a commercial or an ad advertising “fat free,” I cringe. Consuming large amounts of healthy fats is the only way to lose weight and to achieve optimal health and disease fighting capabilities.

So many Americans run off of a carb filled diet eating at least three times a day. That is dangerous! Ketosis is essentially when your carb intake is so low that your body begins to rely only on fatty acid oxidation and ketone metabolism thus producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essentially  the energy currency of the body. So yes, the major benefit for many people on a ketogenic diet is weight loss, but for me, it’s the numerous health benefits that come with such a biologically correct way of eating. One of the biggest benefits of the Ketogenic diet is lowering the hormone insulin. Insulin causes so many issues ranging from acne, diabetes, the build up of glucose in your cells, and begins to set the stage for cancer. When examining the Ketogenic diet, you’re greatly reducing your sugar intake, which in my opinion is one of the main causes of all man-made diseases. When looking at the standard American diet I see so many things wrong with it, but starting Keto is the first step in taking your health back. Always remember (as I will touch on this later), stay away from soy, GMOs, and dangerous chemicals added to your foods! The best diet advice I could give is to NOT follow the traditional, on purpose to poison you, food pyramid. Health is key for quality of life.

Home Health

What is home health to you? When we think of “home health,” we think of a clean home. Your home should be a place of peace, healing, and comfort. More often than not, we seem to suffer from ailments such as chronic sinus pain/issues, upper respiratory infections (URIs), arthritis, asthma, and extreme fatigue just to name a few. So many of us just assume it’s “normal.” I am here to tell you that it’s not normal. In psychology we call that way of thinking the normalcy bias. Thinking everything is just normal is comforting in a sense that it avoids the real issues. Diet, lifestyle factors, and gene activation are all contributors to one’s health, but for the sake of this discussion, I will only be talking about your home’s health.

So what is causing an unhealthy home environment? Many things! Lets start with the chemicals you use in your home on a daily or even a weekly basis. The cleaning chemicals that you spend hundreds on in a year is a hazard to your health and these companies know it! These poisons or I mean, household cleaning chemicals, work directly with the pharmaceutical companies; healthy people don’t buy drugs and treatment (I’ll get into that another time). To put it simple, it’s damaging your health. Stop throwing away! All you’ll need is glass spray bottles, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils (tea tree, lemon, and other for fragrance), and Murphy oil. I also like cleaning with Baking Soda. I mop my floors with hydrogen peroxide, I clean my surfaces and counters with hydrogen peroxide, and I also use rubbing alcohol. I use these things on everything. Borax is great for cleaning and scrubbing hard to get up messes and works great as a mold killer. You also need to watch out for what you’re putting into your washing machines! Many detergents are nothing but dangerous chemicals! I use borax and a gentle all natural detergent. Never ever use dryer sheets! Have you looked into how many dangerous chemicals are in those? It’s scary. Opt for wool dryer balls instead. They are pricier at first, but they’ll last forever and will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Snake Plants are Known for Purifying the Air in your Home

Last but not least, lets discuss air quality. According to one of the biggest studies ever done in U.S. homes, well over 50% of homes and 85% commercial buildings have some source of water damage (Spengler, 1994). So what do you think happens when there is water in our attics, walls, and floor boards? Another study conducted indicated  that 68% of homes had mold (Maier, 1999). It’s crazy to think that is what 7 out of 10 homes inhabit! More than likely, you’re exposed to mold. Air quality is a must. If you rent and there’s mold… move! If you own, you have to hire professionals to remove it, and spend some serious cash on air purifiers.You have to fix all water leaks and replace anything damaged by the mold and water. Never ever use a humidifier as that adds moisture which creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. If you are worried about dry sinuses, allergies, and other upper respiratory issues then you’re dehydrated. You need to hydrate from within, and remineralize. You don’t need a humidifier, you need to fix your health. If your allergies are bad so is your immune system and diet (I’ll touch on that in another topic).


Home is where the heart is, but your heart must be healthy. Mind and body must be balanced. Focusing on you home’s health will be greatly beneficial to anyone who inhabits it. Let it be a place for relaxation, love, healing, and comfort, not disease

Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

So Simple

This is such a great snack to incorporate fat into your diet while maintaining Ketosis. This is also very satisfying if you have a sweet tooth like I do. I like to play around with recipes like this, and you can too!


The Final Product!

2 tbsp Butter

2 tbsp Coconut Oil

1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (Or if you’re feeling naughty use dark chocolate chips)

3 tbsp Peanut Butter


  • Melt butter and coconut oil, add ingredients, and mix well.

  • Pour into muffin trays or molds, and freeze for 30 minutes.



It can get a little messy



Almond Flour Banana Bread


  1. Cooking Spray *non-gmo*

  2. 3 large eggs beaten

  3. 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar *non-gmo*

  4. 3 Bananas mashed

  5. 1/4 cup coconut oil melted

  6. 1/4 cup honey

  7. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract *non-gmo*

  8. 3 cups almond flour

  9. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

  10. 3/4 teaspoon baking powder *aluminum free*

  11. 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg *clove and allspice will work too*

  12. 1/2 teaspoon salt



  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Prepare pan with cooking spray.

  2. Mix eggs and vinegar together in a bowl: add bananas, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla extract and stir until blended.

  3. Sift flour, cinnamon, baking powder, nutmeg (or other spices listed above), and salt together in a large bowl: stir into banana mixture until well blended. Pour batter into prepared bread pan.

  4. Bake in the preheated oven until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean, about 1 hour. Cool in the pan for 10 minutes before removing to cool completely on a wire rack.