What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diets come with amazing health benefits. When an individual reaches a state of Ketosis, it shifts their metabolism from running off of glucose/sugar to running off of fat. Biologically, we are meant to metabolize fat and not sugar. Biochemistry and basic physiology breaks down the explanation of how ketosis happens within the human species, and evolutionary biology tells us why being in a constant state of ketosis was chosen as a prominent metabolic means for the human species. Ketosis is consuming very low to no carbs (not counting the carbohydrates in vegetables), a small portion of meat, and lots and lots of healthy fats. Whenever I see a commercial or an ad advertising “fat free,” I cringe. Consuming large amounts of healthy fats is the only way to lose weight and to achieve optimal health and disease fighting capabilities.

So many Americans run off of a carb filled diet eating at least three times a day. That is dangerous! Ketosis is essentially when your carb intake is so low that your body begins to rely only on fatty acid oxidation and ketone metabolism thus producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essentially  the energy currency of the body. So yes, the major benefit for many people on a ketogenic diet is weight loss, but for me, it’s the numerous health benefits that come with such a biologically correct way of eating. One of the biggest benefits of the Ketogenic diet is lowering the hormone insulin. Insulin causes so many issues ranging from acne, diabetes, the build up of glucose in your cells, and begins to set the stage for cancer. When examining the Ketogenic diet, you’re greatly reducing your sugar intake, which in my opinion is one of the main causes of all man-made diseases. When looking at the standard American diet I see so many things wrong with it, but starting Keto is the first step in taking your health back. Always remember (as I will touch on this later), stay away from soy, GMOs, and dangerous chemicals added to your foods! The best diet advice I could give is to NOT follow the traditional, on purpose to poison you, food pyramid. Health is key for quality of life.


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