I can’t stress enough to this country, to my followers, and to this world, that Russia may be the only good Country standing right now. Obama prances around spreading lies, talking of how good our economy is, and how wonderfully well the globe in a whole is getting along…. WHO HAS and IS FUNDING ISIS? OBAMA ADMINISTRATION! The New World Order elites are! So many Americans keep buying his bullshit while sipping the Koolaid (aka the prozac fluoridated tap water) to keep down our IQs and brain activity. Please understand that they are distracting us, and when the staged school shootings didn’t work, they’re using race now against us. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. We all need to stand together and say enough with this corrupt elite agenda. If we could stop with the distractions and actually look at what they’re really doing, we could put a stop to it!

Putin Begs Media To Wake Up