So I had a 200 pound chick higher up than my husband here on base drunk off her ass telling me vaccines are good and she wouldn’t want my unvaccinated child in daycare with hers… Ha Ha Ha. Well here’s the thing, I don’t believe my newborn needs hep b vaccines because I don’t believe my baby or child will be using dirty needles while fucking around with hookers… just saying. Another funny thing about her was beside the fact she used the word “bro” every other word (she seemed really knowledgeable) she sat there drunk off her fat ass boasting she was a certified car seat checker specialist…. yeeeeeeah. You know what I’m good. I don’t like people or at least not that ones on this military base. So being in and living on the military base everyone knows something about you…. one of my neighbors another one of them continued to inform me that he has broken HIPPAs law and called me out on a couple of things that himself as a pharmacy tech (well that’s what he’s considered to be by based standards) should not know is in my chart. So let me shout it LOUD and I did make it clear to the group of fuck ups I was sitting with that I am on a Benzodiazepine and look at me, I’m not abusing them. It’s sad that for someone who has a true problem and takes meds correctly can get the eye or the comment, but the fat bitch sitting across me can’t stand straight she’s so wasted, and he himself smokes two packs a day, admits to being suicidal, and sleeps till 3pm, and has verbally told me he dislikes his kids, and woman are good for nothing more than sex and pleasing their man…… wow….. Welcome to Mountain Home AFB! Ha had some crippled very psychologically depressed man today tell me women are good for nothing more than sex and that I should be charged with murder if my child dies from a disease that she could have been vaccinated for… Hey, did you ever wonder why all your kids are so fucked up besides your parenting?