What would you do if the United States forced everyone to receive microchips in our hands and if we refuse, we would get sent to concentration camps, killed, or not allowed to buy or sell? Where is our privacy or our rights? Do you even care? Or our you going to eat the shit they’re feeding you? Do we remember 9/11? Yeah now we are seeing why they faked such a horrible thing unravel. Their goal was to scare us all into handing our rights over, and we’ll use the TSA for example… we’re sick of that right? Well the only way to travel and I quote, “with dignity,” is going to be with a biometric tattoo or chip. Now for the zombie like masses this is a good thing; it means no more sexual patting down, or invasive travel measures right? Through chaos comes order and that is exactly what this government is doing and we are eating the shit right up. Where do we stand up and say no! Did you know that FEMA and DARPA has had the National Weather Service stockpiling ammunition…. why? They’re getting ready for a fight and we as a society is more worried about Kim Kardashian’s ass…. yeah, this country is fucked. Look,they’re doing it to our pets and livestock already, they’re desensitizing us to it, don’t chip your pets, it allows them in!