This goes out to woman specifically; men you can read this too, but quite frankly this is for my girls out there. We as woman are much more insecure, and think a lot less of what and who we actually are. Do you know statistically a woman will apply for jobs that are well below her qualifications, whereas a man will apply for jobs that he is extremely unqualified/under-qualified for and get it! We as women have been molded by men from the dawn of time. We see the bible for example, was written all by men and not a woman. Hell the book of Ruth in the bible was written by Samuel… so since the dawn of transcription it has been men writing the rules, and why do us as women allow it? Well in the early days, (it can still be a factor today) men used their physical strength to exert who was boss. Can I ask what the hell men are good for? They pleasure themselves making babies and hold no responsibility through the courts, they’re allowed to just leave… we carry and give birth, and then dedicate and sacrifice our lives to what they pleasurably created, while working, learning, and being EVERYTHING. Yes, the man can hit us harder, but who is actually stronger? I’m sick of men getting paid more simply because they’re cocky and well, a man; I’m sick of men making girls feel that they should look  and act a certain way… we as women NEED to stop letting men call the shots for us. Where are the good guys? We as women need to say FUCK this, and starting dropping not just men but all of those who shouldn’t be in our lives. If we are biologically made to do it all, we need to be the bosses of our lives, and No ONE else!