Most young people these days (even older) don’t know the first thing about the United States Constitution. I bet without having the ability to google it, the majority of people reading this could not in full disclose to me what the First Amendment is, what it’s about, and what it means to them as an individual here in the United States (that’s if they even gave a shit they’re so brainwashed anymore).

I really like what this corrupt sick government has done with this place… no actually I don’t, I hate it, with a burning passion. In the First Amendment, it states that “congress cannot restrict the rights of the press and individuals to speak freely.” So what they have done, they’ve boughten and have owned the press, and then they poison, sedate, and brainwash the masses…. again, I really like how they work behind this big green curtain. The government as we all know are working hard with FEMA, DARPA, and DHS (just to name a few),preparing for civil war of which they are going to start, so they may then enact MARTIAL LAW. We have to pull it together people or we’ll be screwed. I consider myself as an Atheist, but lately with the government changing the Bible and other things (google and research the Mandela effect), it makes one wonder why they’re so worried and scared of that book? They are not only taking away our freedom of speech,they have long taken our press, and they’re staging and making things up to where the masses line up to hand over their rights…. America Must wake up.