Dear Stacey Dash,

Thank you for being an educated, common sense wielding, strong, beautiful woman. I am with you a 100% on trans and other issues.

P.S. Thanks for saying what so many of us Americans are too afraid to say!


Stacey Dash recently came out with a statement that trans could go piss in the bushes, and Stacey I couldn’t agree more with you!! Go Girl! As a mother myself, I am not letting these sick fuckers into the bathroom with my kids! She’s also been nagged and put down for not supporting her “people.” This is bullshit, why are we still separating Americans by color? Honestly this is specific to the African-Americans out there… you are the only one who seems to care about race… and if we dig deeper, you guys really don’t; it is the media creating a racial divide! Divide and conquer is what the government is doing. Instead of us all standing together as freaking Human Beings sick of this corrupt government, they’re making us fight amongst ourselves. Come on wake the hell up America! There should not be a divide but only a group of People. I’m sick of what this government is doing and it’s time we stopped fighting each other like they want and construct, and actually stand together to do something!