It disgusts me that the United States of America would allow these “refugees” so they call them, into our country. They are not refugees this is all a damn joke! The media will tell you they’re innocent people trying to get away…. NO NO and NO! Wake up people. The United States Government is NOT this stupid, they are doing this to weaken our infrastructure, they’re trying their hardest for us to lose our minds so there could be a civil war so they can enforce martial law. Here are my thoughts on the Syrian Refugees….

They are extremists, murderous muslims who are taught, bred, and promote the killings of children and the rape of children, and whoever is against muslim culture. That video just surfaced of them rapping and chopping up what was it, a nine-year old girl? After doing so they handed the parents her body parts in a bag; did I  also mention they video tapped them rapping and chopping her up for the parents also? How thoughtful of them. These are fucking ANIMALS that cannot be dealt with, and we as Americans NEED to put a stop to this crazy bullshit. We are allowing this! We are more than the government! If I come across one they’ll be lucky to keep walking… let me put it that way. Since we are only trillions in debt and let our own starve and our vets go homeless, we are housing them, feeding them, and giving them medical care… well isn’t that nice. YAY Obama with your sick ass. I thought Bush was the Antichrist but if you’re not it, you’re surly the one setting the stage for its arrival you sick bastard. I believe anyone that is okay with this Syrian Refugee bullshit should have the shit kicked out of them, and then be sent to Syria and if they survive, they might rethink this whole letting them in thing. They have now come over here and are (what the media doesn’t boast about) raping livestock (yes they’re having sex with our goats and even reported baby cows here in southern Idaho), burning American flags, and making threats. There’s been a rise in missing children in places that have been housing them, and the list goes on. Please look this shit up, and do your own research! Do NOT take it from me. I am not racist, I wouldn’t care if they were fucking purple with pink polka dots (well I might sell em’ to science) doing this shit! I don’t even consider color and whoever does is a racist; if you’re calling me a racist then I believe you’re racist. I look at what that human being is and what it does people. Please wake up America. Check out this video from someone I would like to see running things, and again do your own research!


Check out this video, I have a lot of respect for smart, brave, educated, and strong Americans!

Dr. Of Common Sense