So the Obama administration is telling all States that they must allow these mentally ill I mean, transgender kids to use whatever bathroom they identify with. This is sick. Seeing how he himself is homosexual, and his wife is actually a man, I can see why he’s pushing for this. I feel that this should not be forced on us at all! If you want to identify with an alien, a fucking cat or whatever it is you feel you are that day it shouldn’t matter; if you have a dick go to the boys, if you have a vagina go to the girls. This is all so so so sick. What the fuck? Why are there not more people outraged by this? We are now living in a society where we are being forced into believing and obeying what they want us to and it’s all wrong. The majority of people are afraid to speak against this! Why are we afraid of such a small mentally ill group (including the government) when there is more of us then them?New York has now passed a law that can fine you up to $250,000 if you don’t address some dude in a dress the right way… What the fuck? Let me see my kids’ school system allow such a policy and I will sue not only the district, and the state, but also the Obama Administration.