The ex CEO of Mcdonald’s has come forth by saying that it would be cheaper to buy robotic arms and robots to make the food then it would to raise minimum wage to $15 hour. He predicts what all of us knows… well at least what all of us should know, that raising minimum wage like that would cause great devastation in the job market, and economy… well no SHIT! So here are my thoughts….


Thanks to Bernie Sander’s dumbass, now we have all these whopper floppers protesting and demanding $15 an hour to bag some french fries and to flop a burger around. Good job there Bernie, I totally like where you’re coming from seeing how you didn’t make it off welfare till you were 40 years old, and was on it simply because you were lazy… but let me get back to the point; Mcdonald’s, Burger King, or any fast food joint should be a starting point not a career. It’s absurd to think the pay should be that high. This economy and country will crash and burn faster than we already are. Think of the inflation that it would cause, and if you think what Obama has done to the taxes you haven’t seen nothing yet compared to what would happen if we were to let this happen. The government which is a small group compared to the population as a whole, is a small group of people that tells us larger group of people what the hell to do. I’m okay with that, but what I am not okay with is its stupidity. Is it stupidity though? They can’t be this dumb can they? Many say yes, but I believe it’s a well constructed way to crash this country so that through the rubble they then can create their one world system. Before you start ranting that I’m some bible or God nut, I’m not religious at all and very much believe in science and facts over a made up fairytale invisible God any day… but believe me when I tell you, the government, the group of people that runs the entire World has an agenda, we are not apart of it. Wake up America… please put down the tap water, and wake up. Through chaos comes order, a savor, a solution… and that is what their depending on. McDonald’s workers, and fast workers please stop this, and take pride it what you are doing, while learning, planning, and working towards something bigger, greater than that of which you are… I know the word “work” these days seems to be a naughty word, but yes we have to WORK! Now for those fast food workers out there that cry because they can’t get anything else because they have felony convictions of child rape or molestation well let me tell you this… you’re lucky to be given any job, any opportunity, or anything because if it was up to me, you wouldn’t be given your life. You make your bed, then you should lay in it, and the same goes if you allow another to make it for you because you’re too lazy to make it yourself, then you should lay in it also. Read a book do something with your minds. For a lot of people we’ve made some mistakes that affect us today that aren’t as extreme as Chester the Molester handing you your kids’ happy meals, but think outside of the hamburger. Do something on your own, be your own boss. Work work work people, this entitlement bullshit is getting old! 

Bernie 14