By the time my first chid was born, I was taking care of my dying grandmother, my son had full-blown non-stop colic, I didn’t even know so much as how to change a diaper, and mytired drug addicted mother was dropping my half-brother off to care for, because she decided she didn’t want him anymore like she did with myself and another brother. That all started in 2009 and here I sit now seven years later, another child, and haven’t had so much as a day to myself. I have struggled, really really struggled. Sure my husband has helped but as most wives and mothers would tell you, they’re more like another child themselves. There was a point where I was obtaining a degree with a toddler, and a newborn who also never slept; I actually kept count, I was sleeping one maybe up to three hours a night. I did everything but beg my husband to help and to let me sleep, but never got it. His work bbq lunches were more important than coming home (we live maybe five minutes away from his work) on his lunch to let me nap.  Why are women looked at as weaker beings, when it seems we are the ones who endure the most pain, the most struggle, all the while bringing to life, and raising the lives of which they had more pleasure in creating? Looking back on it, I remember giving birth and his mother came out not for me or her new granddaughter but to bring out his first kid, who he had with this crazy troll like creature I call his ex-wife. She maybe held my daughter her granddaughter twice. I can’t even begin to go into the abuse and hell she raised right after I gave birth. I remember getting kicked out of the hospital 22 hours after having my daughter because we have military insurance and that’s all they would pay for, and sitting on the bedroom floor writing a paper in pain, with a new baby, why she took my husband and his first kid to the zoo. I will say they did take my three year old son with them, but that’s because he begged to go to the zoo.  Yeah, I’m pretty fed up. I love my two children to death, but it’s the one’s around me and the one’s that are not around me that generate the most anger in me.