ISSUE ONE: I became pregnant with my daughter in 2011 and moved to Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho right after with my husband who was stationed there. I was excited, and was hopeful for a girl, because at that time I already had a son. I had bleeding and other mobility problems and with base medical care they only saw me during my pregnancy as they stated, “on a have to basis.” With my son, I received appointments once a month and then twice as I became high risk. I went to MHAFB’s urgent care center around four months pregnant with contractions and bleeding. I was examined and told quote “ma’am your baby is likely dead. Did you want to go home and pass it, or would you like an ultrasound?” I couldn’t believe it, I was pissed and devastated all at once. I didn’t know whether to choke this idiot out, or to curl in a ball and cry. I of course requested an ultrasound and my husband drove me to the hospital in town where they couldn’t believe what I was told, and confirmed with my very first ultrasound that not only baby was fine, but that I was having a girl!!!


ISSUE TWO: I was experiencing contractions in May of 2012 when my daughter wasn’t due until the end of June. I was experiencing other complications that indicated I should get seen. I once again (having nothing else available) went to the urgent care on Mountain Home Air Force Base where I was taken to their piss ass maternity ward, and was told I would be having her within the next two to four hours. I was terrified, it was too early! I immediately asked the physician’s assistant or whatever low life was on shift what would happen to my baby when she’s born if she has complications due to her being premature… the response was ” eh, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.” I was furious and asked if they could keep her alive and if they would transport her somewhere in the even she couldn’t breath on her own, and the response was “maybe.” The doctor asked me if I had wanted an epidural and since I was planning on it I said yes. Next thing I know some guy walks in yawning complaining that he had been woken up to come in, look at my back and say ” I’ve never put one of these in someone so small, well here it goes.” Dear God if only you could imagine how terrified I was. Next thing I knew my heart rate was dropping and I fell back onto my bed. He had overdosed me and continued to where I almost coded twice. They injected me with something to get my heart going again, and then someone walked in and said “you’re actually not in labor.” Next thing I knew they pulled out the epidural and I was told to go home. I was still paralyzed so my husband had to help me walk. WHAT HELL!

 ISSUE THREE: On April 29th I found my daughter moaning in her bed after I had put her to sleep. I went in to check on her, and she was confused and of fire. I immediately got the thermometer and it read HI. I stripped her blankets and clothes off and finally was able to get a reading of 108, I then immediately applied cold rags to her neck, legs, and torso. I rushed her the Urgent Care on base (no other choice unless you have lots of money and the ability to travel) and by then they were able to get a temp of about 107. They took a urine sample and said “eh it looks suspicious, give her some Tylenol and here’s some antibiotics. I begged for a CBC because she hadn’t been feeling well for a while and I thought she might be dehydrated, and doctor’s response was, “she looks fine.” We took her home and the next morning her fever was back to 106 and she couldn’t keep down meds so we drove her almost an hour away to a real hospital. They immediately took blood and found that she was so severely dehydrated that they couldn’t believe base hospital didn’t treat her, and within about two hours found out she had a severe kidney infection. She was admitted and had amazing care and even an ultrasound that showed something that was not supposed to be there…. Thank Mountain Home AFB for not giving two shits.

MHAFB should be ashamed of themselves. Those aren’t the only issues I’ve had. My husband being active duty has received horrible care, and I’ve been treated like a dog. Disgusting what the military has come to. For people who can’t afford other forms of Tricare insurance because the military gets paid McDonald wages, should have other options. It’s a sad system.