She is timid and scared, just a little girl. She grew up afraid, hungry, and in constant fear of what the next moment was going to bring. Through the fear, she found her comfort through solitude because solitude brought her no paid. The darkness and solitude became a blanket of “we’re okay now.” Nature vs. Nurture played very much into the woman she is today. She went hungry, so now she wants very little for food. She was beat and now she fears the outreach of one’s hand. She finds that curiosity leads to dangers so unimaginable that the very thought makes her heart pound against her chest walls. The kindness from a stranger is only an indication of a sick trick or harm. Love, care, and kindness is alien to her, and nothing more than a trick of some kind. Is it the animalistic instinct of survivability for her species that keeps her alive somewhere in her subconscious? Life for her is one big burning fire, and her heart is her hand; she knows better than to put her hand into the fire, it hurts and scars. dark