When I talk or write about how the government or the elites biggest strategy is to disarm the people, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that they are going to try and take the guns. I don’t believe this is completely true. While they have tried scaring us into handing them over lately with all of the staged mass shootings, it has proven that it’s not going to work. So what’s next? Actually it isn’t what’s next, but what has been going on for decades now. So what else can they disarm us other than our Second Amendment and our right to bear arms? Let us think for a moment. We would be a lot less likely to defend ourselves when they introduce Martial Law with our sticks and rocks, but through the government’s trials and experiments it’s proven that they’re not going to take our guns, not just yet. So what have they been working on for decades now? The biggest disarmament strategy of the government is our minds; they take away our minds and ability to think, and then we are in their complete control. Population control and conforming to a one world government is their goal. They are poisoning our food, water, and air. They are causing mass disease and illness, and they brainwash through media and literature; they brainwash our children through the school system, and mold them to be the mindless drones that they want. They keep us dumb. The average American knows more about Justin Bieber than what’s really going on in the world. If we can think or know any better, we can’t fight back. Everything that was once right is now wrong, and everything that was once wrong is now right. Some say that times are simply changing for the better and with the power and knowledge we have I wish that it was being used for just that but it’s not. Look, I take a more scientific approach to religion, and can’t say I believe in God or a God, but what is going on is wrong. This is in no kind of way some religious rant. Declassified documentation alone will tell you, the government is now not hiding anything, but in fact telling us all and putting it in plain sight. If they can’t take our minds they then can take anything. Imagine if one day the government tried to just come and take our guns, actually knocked on our doors and said hand them over…. it wouldn’t happen, there would be one hell of a fight. So what they’re doing now is brainwashing and scaring us into us handing them over. I urge you to look through the mass shooting news footage and you’ll see a lot of common faces, and they’re called crisis actors. They’re fake. As a matter of fact, you could apply for such a position if running low on cash. Call me a conspiracy theorist because of what I believe and if you disagree I will call you the same and move on, and I mean no ill will towards anyone, but something has got to give. Wake up people. I want women to start thinking more and becoming empowered, and becoming awake to all this madness. Mothers are the first line of defense when it comes to their homes as they have the greatest influence on human life.